Prior to Installation

Prior to Installation – Porcelain Tiles

Please check our ‘Conditions of Sale’ for a full summary

Please check all materials are the correct quantity, colour and as ordered prior to installing them. No claims can be made after tiles are installed. Installation is full acceptance of the product.

Please check the boxes are all displaying the same Shade/Tono number. Make a note of this number for future ordering although if you are short of tiles no guarantee can be given the same shade will still be in stock.

Optical Hazing – In addition to the guide you can access by clicking this link it is important that you check POLISHED tiles in various lights to ensure you are happy that this phenomenon is acceptable. It is rare but can occur on Polished Porcelain showing itself as a slight ‘misting’ or ‘clouding’ on the surface.


Prior to Installation – Wood Flooring

It is important to understand that wood is a natural product and can vary considerably within batches. Rustic grades of wood are particularly susceptible to this variation and it’s colour, knotting and sap content can be very different to samples seen or previously supplied.

It is therefore essential that prior to installation you open a few packs from your order to ensure you are happy with the overall look you wish to obtain. Fitting of the supplied wood is its acceptance. No claims can made after the product is installed.

Flooring substrates vary enormously and it is the installers responsibility to ensure the subfloor and method of installation are suitable for the site conditions.

Ensure fitting instructions are obtained when installing over underfloor heating.



Spacers Wood flooring is suitable for installation in areas with an ambient temperature of 16-23°C and a relative humidity of 45-65% RH.

Suitable measures should be taken to prevent damage from furniture. Use felt furniture protectors or gliders for heavy furniture, tables and chairs.

Adequate protection should be installed to prevent damage by foot- fall abrasion, usually by the use of good mats and matting at entrances. Ensure protection from standing moisture, spillages etc.



Commercial including Restaurants, Bars, Shops: Always discuss your project with one of our staff to ensure suitability of a particular wood.

Residential: Anywhere in the home excluding bathrooms, shower rooms, conservatories or wet rooms. All our woods are suitable for installation over under-floor heating to a maximum screed surface temperature of 25°C. See our under-floor heating guidance notes for fitting procedure.

We recommend you use only professional wood fitters to install your new wood flooring

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