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As the demand for natural wood flooring continues to increase so does the remarkable variation and choice available to the end user.

At our new wood showroom situated between High Wycombe and Marlow the choice is equally stunning.

Choose from Solid Oak or Engineered. Chevron, Herringbone patterns or planks, stained or natural, the choice can be endless. Our knowledgeable staff is always on hand to assist in helping you make the perfect choice.

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Based in High Wycombe, just around the corner from John Lewis and very close to Marlow,our knowledgeable and helpful staff are always on hand to give advice either over the phone or better still in our beautiful air conditioned showroom.

We show some of the finest Porcelain Wall and Floor from around the World and a breathtaking display of beautiful wood flooring.. Call the number above or visit us at the showroom..

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    High Wycombe Wood Flooring Testimonials

    Tile and Wood Flooring has a brilliant showroom and warehouse in High Wycombe. If you need any advice on Tile or Wood Flooring I couldn’t recommend them more highly.
    Keith Potter

    Marlow, Bucks

    I was sent 4 excellent samples for my new kitchen floor which really helped me make my final decision. Whenever I spoke to Tile & Wood Flooring they were always incredibly helpful & knowledgeable.

    Sarah Taylor

    High Wycombe, Bucks

    Engineered Wood Flooring from High Wycombe Wood Flooring

    High Wycombe wood flooring have been supplying high quality Engineered Oak wood floors to the retail and commercial sector for over 25 years. We have worked closely with our factory to produce a range of wood flooring that not only mirrors current trends but also is technically and environmentally the most advanced available.

    All our Engineered Oak Wood Flooring is thoroughly tested is EUTR compliant and SVLK certified.

    The top layer is genuine Western European Oak. None of it is Chinese or Siberian so you are assured of its source and quality.

    The ‘Core” (the important bit) is constructed of single species Plantation Hevea (Rubber wood). It doesn’t grow naturally in South East Asia so is farmed for this purpose. As the Hevea tree nears the end of its rubber producing life it is felled and immediately replaced with a younger sapling that not only uses up more harmful CO2 but also produces more rubber.

    The Hevea used for the core of all our wood flooring shown at our High Wycombe Showroom has a density similar to Oak giving our floors unsurpassed stability in all different climates and environments. Hevea will always outperform any plywood or softwood cored material found in so many cheaper alternative wood floors.

    The back layer construction is also a locally grown plantation pine species, which again adds to the already excellent stability of our flooring.

    The vast majority of our wood flooring has undergone some degree of hand finishing ensuring a consistent high quality, high performance wood floor. This hand finishing gives each of our floors a ‘bespoke’ feel. Our ‘Antique’ finished floors all feature textures and surfaces produced entirely by hand rather than automation that gives each style a unique feel in terms of grain and colour.

    All of our Oak Wood floors on display at our High Wycombe Wood Flooring Showroom are treated with the specifically designed Extreme Matt Oil.

    Using German technology from Klumpp Coatings in Stuttgart these oils, as long as the floor is kept clean during installation and undergoes some form of regular basic domestic cleaning, will require no further applications throughout the floors life.

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    High Wycombe Wood Flooring Range

    High Wycombe Wood Flooring offer a huge range of wood, colours and finishes. Here at Tile and Wood Flooring in High Wycombe our extensive range of wood flooring options, colours and finishes across eight unique collections means you have more than one thousand different options to choose from.

    A long-term investment that adds value. You will get to enjoy your Floorart Parquetry floor twice over. Firstly, during home ownership and then all over again when it’s time to sell. With the majority of homebuyers dreaming of a wood floor our engineered flooring is an investment that adds long-term value and ticks the “must have” box for prospective purchasers.

    Long lasting. Our low maintenance hardwood floors feature a scratch resistant coating and have been engineered to withstand everyday living. Follow our simple maintenance instructions and your floor will last a lifetime!

    Perfect fit and finish. Floorart Parquetry intelligent engineering means that once installed our flooring will sense and acclimatise to its surrounding environment and create the perfect fit. Because our product is handcrafted with rigorous quality control we guarantee consistency of finish – none of the gaps, bowing, uneven edges or height differences between boards that you get with traditional timber.

    Splash proof and easy to clean. All you need is a vacuum, broom and a mop. Seriously. It’s that simple. However, if over time, the sheen on the floor diminishes due to natural wear and tear from foot traffic, it is easily revitalised using recommended products.

    Reduces allergens in the home. Intelligent engineering also means a seamless finish, which contributes to a healthier home environment. Unlike other timber floors our flooring won’t trap dirt or harbour dust mites and allergens.

    Easy to install. Designed to be quick and easy to install you’ll be walking on your Floorart Parquetry floor within 24 hours. No unpleasant chemical smell, no mess, no time-consuming lacquer or days waiting for varnish to dry that comes with the installation of traditional flooring.

    Planet friendly. Last but certainly not least, our engineered hardwood floors are environmentally friendly. Our wood is responsibly sourced and certified. It may surprise you to know that we use timber more efficiently, and with less impact on the environment than a traditional timber wood floor. That’s called planet friendly peace of mind!

    We believe that every company has a duty to be environmentally responsible and at our High Wycombe Wood Flooring showroom we take this responsibility very seriously. All materials for our Engineered Wood Floors are sourced from sustainably managed forests and meet stringent global environmental standards.

    Wood, if sourced correctly, is one of the most renewable resources in the world. Other kinds of man made wood floors are produced in factories, which requires huge amounts of energy and the emission of more greenhouse gases.

    We use wood that is planted for the production of natural rubber as the base for our products. This means the tree is neither removed from the forest nor cut down for timber. It is only felled when it has to be replaced towards the end of its natural productive life. In fact around 70% of every board we produce as finished flooring is from plantation sourced wood.

    For the precious hardwood that is used for the face, we take every care to ensure that we purchase only legally sourced timber.

    You may therefore walk on your beautiful engineered wood floor with absolute confidence that you have made the right choice for both you and our planet.

    When you choose to buy your wood floor from Tile and Wood Flooring High Wycombe you are assured that it is among some of the best wood flooring available in the world…. Visit the ‘Special Offers’ section of our website to see some of the remarkable new woods available or simply pop into one of our showrooms to see our extensive displays and take home samples….

    Why Not Visit Our Tile Showroom Near High Wycombe & Meet Our Friendly Staff

    The finest Porcelain Tiles and Engineered Wood Flooring from around the world is here for you to explore in the comfort of a spacious modern showroom.

    Our professional staff are always on hand to answer any questions and to help with advice from design to installation. Everything you see on our website is on show and we can offer incredibly low prices on any products, irrespective of ordering in the showroom or by phone.

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